Computer, Machine or Magic?

Of all human inventions created in the last 500 years, the computer has grown into the most personal and yet most frustrating device we have ever depended upon. For some of us, if we lose our computer, we lose our lives…literally. So much of our personal information is stored in these houses of plastic and metal and hardrives.

Yet, most of us have no idea how they work, and I don’t mean how the CPUs process information, or the RAM memory is used for software programs.
Most of us think of this very personal device in a very impersonal manner, just another machine that when it malfunctions we should, “get a bigger hammer”.
Or it works well enough for us for a period of time that we’re completely indifferent to it, that is until it does something we don’t like, then we’re banging and cursing and swearing that our computer is evil.

But I’m going to tell you a secret, basically it’s the secret to the Universe, that once revealed and understood, alters existence.

Your computer is not just a device….your computer is magic in a plastic house.

Your computer is energy, just like you and me and everything else in the universe. Oh, I know it looks like just another machine, sitting on your desk, ready to serve, but it is actually a storehouse of information in the form of energy,  and like all energies it responds to the most powerful force in the Universe…

I know this may sounds a bit out there, and you may think I’m kidding, but try this;  The next time you turn on your computer tell it that you love it, and that you appreciate the service it provides you everyday. Try it for a week and see if it doesn’t run better and more efficient. Because even with just a little acknowledgment we all shine on…”like the moon and the stars and the sun”


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