10 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Computer

After years of careful study and examination I’ve discovered these top 10 reasons why I think you should love your computer.

1. It’s always in the same place exactly where you left it the night before, it never wanders away by itself.

2. It’s very colorful, and the screen is very pretty.

3. It never forgets who you are, in fact it probably has the same name as you.

4. It has x-ray vision and can see an internet connection, even when you can’t.

5. It knows everything and can find everything better than any teenager.

6. You can play music and watch DVDs without it criticizing your taste in music and movies.

7. It’s more versatile that than any other machine being able to access porn, literature, rocket science or facebook with just one click.

8. It’s very, very sophisticated it knows more languages than most of us have ever hear of like html, java, php, xml, C++, Cold Fusion, as well as English, without ever asking for caviar or champagne.

9. You never need to change the oil or check the fluids.

10. It makes itself available to you, day or night, 24/7 and it never says to you, “not now honey, I have a headache”

Actually I think personal computers (macs included) are the most amazing tool of our lifetime. You can write a book, produce a business plan, edit a movie, instantaneously send mail, or be half way around the world with a click of a button. Almost all information known to humanity is available to you, like never before in history.

So show a little appreciation….because it’s a proven fact… that if you love your computer, your computer will love you. And probably the only thing more reliable than that is your dog, but you don’t ever need plastic bags to pick up after your computer.


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