Setting Up A New Social Media Site

When working with Social Media one of the more time consuming aspects of the campaign is the initial set-up of a new site. But once complete it becomes another tool ready for reader engagement.

It’s worth the time to learn how to use a new site to evaluate it’s contribution and value to your over all campaign.  The best sites are always both user AND reader friendly.

I usually advise clients to set up 5 basic Social Media sites and then add from there if they want more exposure. The 5 basic sites I always recommend are:

1. Facebook Page

2. Twitter

3. You Tube

4. LinkedIn

5. Word Press Blog

All of theses are easy to set up, very familiar to most everyone on the internet, and VERY search engine friendly. When anyone searches for your name, or the name of your business, the YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn sites are the first things to pop up, even sometimes before your web site.

So don’t neglect your Social Media or you’re missing prime opportunities to be found by new clients and friends who support you.


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